It’s a new world for all of us, including those that serve our community in elected positions.  We love meeting neighbors and friends, both new and old, at your doorstep.  Right now, that is not possible.  So, please follow our social media accounts, where you can get to know us better…and get on our email list if you are not already!

-Christine Carey, Joanne Veech, Lance Tkacs

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  • Long – Term Randolph ResidentsEach has lived in Randolph for over 25 years.
  • Randolph VolunteersEach has dedicated countless hours volunteering and serving the Randolph community. 
  • Qualified Experience.  Each has proudly served the Randolph community on the Randolph Township Council.
  • Proven Fiscally Responsible LeadershipEach has been instrumental in leading Randolph through fiscally responsible planning that has resulted in no increase in the tax levy for the past four years.  
  • Demonstrated commitmentEach is committed to providing the high level of municipal services Randolph residents have come to expect



Carey, Veech, Tkacs for Randolph Township

Randolph Reporter Endorses CAREY, VEECH, TKACS

Reprinted with permission from ther Randolph Reporter: For the past four years, Republican Randolph Township Council incumbents Christine Carey, Lance Tkacs and Joanne Veech

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Carey, Veech, Tkacs for Randolph NJ

Voting in Randolph NJ

All registered voters in Randolph will have received their mail-in ballot by now.  If you have not received your mail-in ballot, please contact the County

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Joanne Veech Share The Keys

Joanne Veech: Founder of “Share the Keys”

When my oldest son first got his driver’s license, I was very concerned about his safety and inexperience as a driver. I worked with the Randolph Police Department to bring to Randolph, and later to the state of New Jersey, the innovative and successful Alive at 25 program that later evolved into the Share the Keys program.

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The Randolph Republicans 2020

Christine Carey

Christine was first elected to the Randolph Township Council in 2012 and is currently serving her second term as Mayor. 

Joanne Veech

Joanne has been a member of the Council for 9 years, serving as Mayor in 2015 and currently serves as Deputy Mayor.

Lance Tkacs

Lance is seeking a second term of office, having been first elected to the Council in 2016.

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